Cam Locks

CCL Security Products manufactures cam locks for a wide variety of applications. These high quality pressure cast locks can be keyed in many different ways to existing or new systems. Many of our cam locks also have the capability of being keyed alike and master keyed where applicable.

Special cams and accessories are another way to customize your cam lock for your needs.

15258, 15259 Cam Lock With Spun-On Cam

Disc Tumbler. Cannot be Masterkeyed. Regular Key Changes: 200


15295D Cam Lock

Disc Tumber . Cannot be Masterkeyed. (90 degree rotation only)


15751 | 15752 | 15753 | 15760 Cam Lock

Disc Tumber. Can be Masterkeyed.


390XX Series Dial Combination Cam Lock

Secure with 1,000 Possible Combinations · Durable All-metal Construction


59020 | 59021 | 59022 Padlockable Cam Lock

Camlock for use with padlock as locking device · Functions on doors or drawers · Ideal for locker applications.


Weather Resistant Cam Lock

Used for any outdoor application requiring resistance to water intrusion, salt, and exposure to freezing temperatures.


2060 Series Special Purpose Locks

Disc Tumbler with SPRING-IN Bolt Can be Mastekeyed. Regularly furnished with both nut and clip. Clip is for mounting on 18, 20 and 22 gauge metal. Click here for CLIPS.


650/651 Series Cam Locks

Economical die cast cam locks for every day use